This isn't really for fan fic or anything. It's just something that popped into my head. Please let me know what you think!

Before and After-

She laid down for me in the meadow
Soft and bare.
She let go for me in grass
Sinking into green clouds before falling into my arms.
She cried out my name in the meadow
Sugar dripping from her tongue.


She left me die in the meadow
Scared and alone.
She let me go in the grass
Sinking to my knees before falling to the ground.
She walked away as I cried out her name in the meadow
Silence ringing in my ears.


A preview into the future...

So, I know it's been a while since I posted anything with my stories and I am sorry for that. I don't like not posting. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I do but you know that I need the time. But, since you guys are being so patient I've decided to give you a little preview of what I written so far for both stories I'm doing.

First off, lets start with a preview to Before the Lunar Eclipse, chapter 6...

“What? I don't get any foreplay?” I said in a serious tone. Bella rolled her eyes, smirking slightly. “You know, just because I'm male doesn't mean I don't need romance,” I teased her.

“My goodness! Is my darling husband making a sexual joke? Be careful, you might turn into Emmett.”

“You're not my wife yet,” I said in a playful growl, pulling her towards me. She landed against my chest, her nose almost pressing against my own.

Okay, that was preview number one! Do we like? I'm kind of digging this Edward with a sense of humor.

Now, here is preview number two for Unplanned, chapter 6...

Bella was sitting on the sink, her legs wrapped around Jasper and her dress pushed up to her waist. Jasper's shirt was open and she was holding onto it as they kissed wildly. The once red spot was gone, replaced by a wet spot instead. I leaned against the door jam, watching as they kissed and touched each other with a flustered passion. I felt myself harden as I watched Jasper's tongue float across Bella's skin, her mouth opening as she let out a strangled cry of pleasure.

So, there it is! Let me know if you're excited about what's to come and I just might let you have more peeks in future chapters!


So, I'm brand new to blogger... It's probably really obvious. I know, it's sad. But, I need help! Major help! You see, I want to start posting my original stuff on blogger. That means, original writing... my characters... my stories... everything. But, apparently I am not a friend of the blogger. I need someone to tell me how this damn thing works! I want to do backgrounds and put certain things on here... So, that's where you come in.

I need your help!

If you know blogger pretty well, drop me a tweet, please? (Sad puppy eyes) You just might get a short original story dedicated to you.
So, this is my first post on blogger. I'm just trying it out. If it goes well, I may do more with it. We'll see.